Offers age-friendly program through physical wellness and community support


We foster inclusivity and meaningful connections as we age gracefully through physical wellness and community support

If you are worried about ma and pa being alone at home, have them come to our clubhouse.

We organise:

  • Regular strength and mobility exercises by a certified physiotherapist
  • Safe space to interact and make new friends
  • Cognitive games
  • Discover new interests through hobbies and activities


What’s more?

We also offer 3 meals during the 10-hour care with us.

Discover a place where you belong, with activities and programs designed for seniors. From gentle movement to lively socials, day trips to delicious treats – there’s something for everyone.

Hear what our members say about the classes


We have over 300 instructors and certified physiotherapists.

Want to run regular activities at your place? Call us!

Need a place for step-down care? We are available

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